Advantage of HVR SiC products

  • Varistor dimensions can vary in a wide range. Customer specified dimensions are possible
    • We are not limited to rund discs, we can also produce square and rectagular format varistors
  • If required we also support with metal housing in IP00, IP22 and also GfK-presspack
  • SiC ceramic has generally a selfhealing characteristic. This means the varistor is evaporating the failed part oft he ceramic. Now he is protecting the circuit against further impulses with slightly reduced energy parameters.
  • The temperature stability of our ceramic is higher as the ceramicof our competitors. This is a result of over 70 years of development in our company. Our SiC ceramic can bear the following temperatures:
    • Continuous 180°C
    • Short time 220°C
    • In case of failure up to 600°C
  • Much higher current pulses possible with our products, our ceramic can also protect against lightning impulses

Key features of Silicon Carbide Varistor Discs

  • High performance
  • 100% active material
  • Repeatable non-linear characteristic
  • High voltage withstand
  • Self-healing
  • Air / Oil / SF6 environments
  • Single disc or modular assemblies
  • Advanced ampacity
  • Custom solutions readily available