Who we are

AEP International is the global supplier of electronic components, systems and tooling. For over 35 years we support maritime, medical, railway, aerospace and many other industries.

With a high level of commitment and market knowledge, we provide companies with quality products.

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News & Events

Linac - 23 Jan

A new partnership between RT Safe & AEP Linac

RTsafe, a medical technology company focused on improving the safety and accuracy of radiotherapy for cancer and other medical conditions, last December announced that AEP Linac will be the distributor of RTsafe’s products in the Netherlands. AEP Linac is the world's largest independent supplier..

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Linac - 17 Nov

AEP Linac has entered into a wonderful partnership with Alcare 

Collaboration Alcare - Moldcare and AEP Linac

As of early November, AEP Linac has entered into a wonderful partnership with Alcare / Moldcare RI Ⅱ (ALCARE). Two leading medical device companies, AEP Linac and ALCARE, are joining forces to take patient care to the next level. This collaboration marks an important industry milestone,..

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