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Capacitors are passive electrical components found in almost all electronics applications. Capacitors stores electrical energy which can be charged and discharged.
A capacitor stores energy as an electric charge, similar to a battery, but capacitors are able to release the charge much faster. The amount of the electric charge is known as capacitance, this is measured in Farads (F). Capacitors have two conductors with a relatively large surface that are close to each other and are separated by a non-conductive material, the dielectric. In the dielectric the charge is stored.

Capacitor Types

Capacitors are manufactured in many forms, styles, lengths and from many materials.
There are many different types of capacitors available, all with their own detailed specifications.
The main elements are available in varying materials and these determine many properties of the capacitor. Some examples are: Metal plate material, dielectric material, max. voltage, size, tolerance, mounting type, ESR, etc.

Each type of capacitor have their own specifications and applications.

We offer the following types of capacitors:

  • Film capacitors
  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Ceramic Capacitors
  • Board mounted film capacitors
  • Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Conductive polymer capacitors
  • Tantalum Capacitors

 Capacitor brands

Our capacitor range includes more than 1.000 different capacitors from the following high quality manufacturers:

  • LeClanché
  • Tecate group
  • Jennings

 Capacitors and Resistors

In many cases a capacitors works together with resistors, as they both belong to the group of ‘’passive components’’ used in electronics. As a distributor of both capacitors and resistors, we can offer you a complete solution.

Are u looking for any specific capacitor or resistors?
Or do you need help to find the capacitor you need?
Please contact us, we will provide the solution.

Leclanché capacitors

Leclanché capacitors

AEP Components offers electrolytic and film capacitors from the manufacturer Leclanché capacitors.
Leclanché manufactures high quality capacitors since 1919 and is recently..

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Tecate Group Capacitors

Tecate Group capacitors

Tecate carries a comprehensive inventory of industry-standard products in both through-hole and surface-mount configurations. Offering a breadth of capacitor products, coupled with superb technical..

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Jennings Vacuum Capacitors

Jennings Vacuum Capacitors

A vacuum capacitor is a capacitor which uses vacuum as dielectric instead of air or other insulating materials. The vacuum dielectric allows a higher voltage rating that an air dielectric.

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