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Resistors are electronic components which have a specific, never-changing electrical resistance and are usually added to circuits where they complement active components. Commonly resistors are used to limit current, divide voltages, provide load or dissipate heat. The resistor’s resistance limits the flow of electrons through a circuit. The electrical resistance of a resistor is measured in ohms.

Types of Resistors

Resistors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They might be standard, a pack of resistors or a special variable resistor. Normally resistors can be classified into two types; linear resistors and non-linear resistors.

We select all our suppliers on the basis of their high quality standards, knowledge of the market and innovative character, therefore we can offer you resistors of the following manufacturers:

  • Krah Group Resistors
  • HVR Resistors

In addition to our manufacturers we can offer you the following types of Resistors:

  • Encapsulated resistors
  • Housing units
  • Liquid cooled resistors
  • Cement coated resistors
  • Vitreous enameled resistors
  • Low power resistors
  • Special resistors
  • E-mobility resistors
  • Automotive resistors
  • PTC-Resistors
  • Potentiometers
  • Electronic Controllers
  • Linear Disc Resistors
  • Surge Resistors
  • High Voltage Resistors
  • RT / RL Resistors
  • Resistor Assemblies
  • Rod and Tube Resistors
  • Stud Mounted Resistors
  • Fusible resistors
  • Plug pill Resistors
  • High Voltage Earthing Sticks
  • Anti-Condensation heaters
  • Resistor Loadbanks
HVR Resistors

HVR Resistors

HVR Resistors
HVR International Limited is a world leader manufacturer of the widest range of non-inductive ceramic carbon resistors available. HVR Resistors or High Voltage Resistors has been..

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