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AEP offers a wide variety of Ultracapacitor / Supercapacitor cells, modules and custom modules from different manufacturers. For each application a solution.

What are Ultracapacitors / Supercapacitors

Ultracapacitor, or supercapacitors as they are also known, are an energy storage technology that offers high power density, almost instant recharging and very long lifetimes. Ultracapacitors are capable of storing and discharging energy very quickly and effectively, they deliver quick bursts of energy during peak power demands, then quickly store energy and capture excess power that is otherwise lost.

Ultracapacitors bridges the gap between capacitors and batteries. They typically store 10 to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than capacitors, can accept and deliver charge much faster than batteries, and tolerate many more charge and discharge cycles than batteries. Ultracapacitors are capable of storing and discharging energy very quickly and effectively.

Ultracapacitors are available with capacitances of thousands of farads all within a very small package and can achieve much higher power density than batteries. However, the voltage rating of an ultracapacitor is up to 3 volts, so several ultracapacitors have to be connected in series and parallel combinations to provide any useful voltage.

AEP Ultracapacitors

AEP offers different Ultracapacitor brands, both with different Ultracapacitor technologies.

  • Maxwell® Ultracapacitors
  • Tecate group Ultracapacitors, Powerburst®

Within these brands we can offers different solutions:


  • Very long lifetime, more than 1 million duty cycles
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Wide range of operating temperatures, from -40 °C to +70 °
  • Up to 60 times the power density compared to batteries
  • 30% more efficient than batteries
  • No harmful chemicals or toxic metals
  • Low Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)
  • Fast charge/discharge
Ultracapacitor cells

Ultracapacitor cells

AEP’ offers a wide range ultracapacitor cells from Maxwell Technologies and the Tecate Group. Both manufacturers offers proven field performance and includes a wide variety of capacitances values..

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Ultracapacitor modules

Ultracapacitor modules

The voltage of an ultracapacitor is typically from 2.7V up to 3.0V, this means that several ultracapacitor have to be connected in series or parallel to provide an useful voltage for your ..

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Ultracapacitors & Power Electronics

Standard modules in combination with standard power electronics.

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Ultracapacitor custom modules

Please take a look at AEP Hybrid Power.


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