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Spark Gaps

Spark Gaps are high energy, voltage controlled switching devices, unique in their ability to repeatedly switch currents of thousands of amperes, which leads to their most common usage as transient protectors for applications where high energy transient electrical surges are anticipated. They are ideally suited for diverting large electrical surges caused by lighting, EMP and other sources of high voltage current transients.

The basic design and operation of Spark Gaps is simple. If two metal electrodes are separated by a suitable insulator and a gas placed between the electrodes at a specific pressure, an electrical breakdown occurs between the electrodes following the application of sufficient voltage across the electrodes. Once formed, this electrical β€˜β€™arc’’ is capable of carrying currents of thousands of amperes while the voltage developed between the electrodes during the arc state remains relatively independent of this current.

Teledyne e2v Spark Gaps

Our range of Teledyne e2v two-electrode spark gaps and three-electrode spark gaps are used to provide a fast high voltage pulse in high energy switches. The Spark Gaps comprises hermetically sealed gas-filled switches available with DC breakdown voltages from 400V to 50 kV.

Spark Gap features

  • No standby power consumption
  • Consistent breakdown voltage
  • High current capability
  • Fast switching
  • Rugged and reliable over temperature range
  • Lightweight

Spark Gap Selection

When considering the choice of spark gaps, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • The application
  • Peak current and waveform
  • Coulombs per shot
  • Maximum repetition rate
  • Main gap voltage
  • Environmental conditions

Please download our Spark Gap Enquiry Operating Parameters form and complete as accurately as possible. We recommend and offer you the most suitable spark gap for your application.

Spark Gaps

Two-Electrode Spark Gaps

A selection of our two-Electrode Spark Gaps.

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Three-Electrode Spark Gaps

A selection of our Three-Electrode Spark Gaps.

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Trigger Transformers

Trigger Transformers

Trigger Transformers for Three-Electrode Spark Gaps.

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