AEP Linac Products

Accessories and Aids

Klarity offers a variety of accessories and aids to meets the needs of therapists in treating patients with custom care.  Please click below to see the different types of products and accessories.

BiteLok tm-web


Higher Precision for Treatment Accuracy.
The Klarity BiteLok™* is an improved, innovative design for increased head and neck immobilization.  It is made of a rigid, breathable mouthpiece..

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Head Support

Klarity offers several options for prone and supine head support, including Silvermans, Timos, and our own Klarity prone head support.  Our newest prone head support is an especially adaptable..

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Indexing bars

Indexing Bars

Klarity offers indexing bars to fit a variety of couches, baseplates, and overlays.  Please see below for specific indexing bar compatibility.

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ThermoPlasctic Sheet-1

Thermoplastic Sheets

Klarity R™ low-temperature thermoplastic material is designed specifically for radiotherapy.

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Bolus tm


Klarity offers two types of bolus material: Klarity EZ Bolus™ and Bolx™ Bolus. Please click below for more information on each type of bolus material.

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SureMark tm


SureMark™ skin marking labels are a professional labeling system designed for the communication needs of doctors, nurses and technologists. SureMark™ precision labels are a superior line of..

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