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Klarity Masks are a new higher standard for thermoplastic masks. We offer masks in Klarity Green™  as well as traditional white. Our revolutionary Green Masks are non-stick, stronger, with lower shrinkage than all other standard masks. Our IMRT AccuPerf™ patterns offer enhanced perforation designs for higher fixation strength, minimal bolus effect, and better patient comfort.

Klarity offers masks for S-Type, U-Frame, O-TypeV-Type, Stereotactic, BoS, and all frame types. Please click below for more information on each mask type.

S-Type Masks

Klarity S-type masks fit all standard S-Type baseplates from Klarity and others. Klarity S-type masks are available in standard white, and KlarityGreen™. Both white and green masks offer strong,..

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U-Frame Mask

Klarity U-Frame masks fit all standard U-Frame baseplates from Klarity and others. Klarity ContourFrame™ and EzeFrame™ are Klarity's most popular U-Frame masks.  Both feature..

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O-Type Masks

Klarity O-Type masks fit all standard O-Type baseplates (Orfit-Type) from Klarity, Orfit and others. Klarity O-Type masks feature exclusive EZ-Grip™ clamps and are available in standard..

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Open Face Masks

Klarity offers superior Open Face and Open Eye&Mouth masks. These masks reduce patient anxiety and provide rigid, secure immobilization.  Available in white thermoplastic only,..

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V-Type Masks

Klarity V-Type masks fit all standard V-Type baseplates (Versa-Type) from Klarity, Bionix and others.  They are available in KlarityGreen™, which offers strong, rigid..

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Stereotactic Masks

Klarity offers stereotactic masks for BrainLAB systems.  Our stereotacitc masks have been used by clinics worldwide.  Klarity's reduced shrinkage and non-stick material are perfect..

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BoS Masks

Klarity offers BoS masks for Proton Therapy.  Klarity BoS masks are available in KlarityGreen™ for ultra strong support, rigid immobilization and easy moldability. And a longer..

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Pelvic Masks

Klarity offers a variety of Pelvic and body masks for different board systems from Klarity and others.  Featuring the highest quality of thermoplastic, Klarity masks are strong and rigid, with less..

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