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SureMark™ skin marking labels are a professional labeling system designed for the communication needs of doctors, nurses and technologists. SureMark™ precision labels are a superior line of labels for film and filing needs.  Klarity offers Powermark™, PortalMark™, and SureMark™ Wire.

PowerMark tm


SureMark™ PowerMark™ markers help distinguish between a nipple, shadow and lesion, thus reducing costly repeat examinations.  PowerMark™ markers have larger lead ball sizes for visibility in radiation therapy.  50 markers per box.

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PortalMark tm


Instead of permanent or temporary tattoos, PortalMark™ labels are applied to delineate radiation treatment areas.

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SureMark tm Wire

SureMark™ Wire

SureMark™ Wire is used for marking scar tissue, outlining palpable nodules, molds and entry points in CT scans. 336cm per box.

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