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Tecate Ultracapacitor cells

Tecate Group’s primary objective is to exceed the expectations of its customers. Tecate is strongly committed to providing high reliable electronic components. Such as, the Tecate Ultracapacitor Cells and Tecate Ultracapacitor Modules. This encompasses:

  • The newest deisgn
  • The most effective deisgn
  • Manufacturing
  • Testing and management process
  • Customer service

Tecate ultracapacitor cells benefits

With the Tecate Group ultracapacitor cells we can offer you the following benefits:

  • Wide range of voltages: From 2.7V up to 3.0V ultracapacitors
  • Wide range of capacitance; from 0.5F up to 3400F
  • Multiple safety and quality certifications
  • Custom configurations available
  • Maintenance free ultracapacitor cells
  • RoHs compliant ultracapacitor cells
  • Radial-lead, threaded, flat, snap-in, cylindrical and small prismatic package available

The Tecate ultracapacitor cells are divided in multiple series, each serie have its own features, benefits, applications and design configurations.

Tecate Group certifications and declarations

To provide our customers with quality products, safe and reliable products, superior service, competitive prices and custom solutions, the Tecate Group have achieved multiple recognitions:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • RoHS compliant
  • ISO 14001
  • REACH certificate of compliance
  • Halogen-free certification of Conformance
  • Multiple UL recognitions
  • RBA code of conduct
  • Conflict-free minerals certificate of compliance
  • Non-dangerous goods statement

 Tecate Ultracacpacitors construction

Tecate’s products uses a cylindrical construction method. The cells are constructed from activated carbon particles, which are mixed with a binder and then deposited on aluminum foil. In this method, as shown in the following figure, the electrodes are wound into a jellyroll configuration very similar to an aluminum electrolytic capacitor. The electrodes have foil extensions that are then welded to the terminals to enable a current path to the outside of the capacitor.

Tecate Ultracapacitor applications

Tecate ultracapacitor cells are usable for a wide variety of applications and markets, and there potential for use in applications is nearly limitless. The applications and markets below shows the most popular applications and markets.

  • Data storage
  • Industrial
  • Smart grid
  • Military/Aerospace
  • Audio
  • Medical
  • Telecom
  • Consumer
TPLH snap-in ultracapacitors

TPLH snap-in ultracapacitors

3V, 100F to 450F, snap-in ultracapacitor cells.

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TPLH threaded ultracapacitors

TPLH threaded ultracapacitors

2.7V & 3.0V, 650F to 3000F, threaded ultracapacitor cells.

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TPLH radial ultracapacitors

TPLH radial ultracapacitors

2.7V, 1.5F to 120F, general purpose radial lead ultracapacitor cells.

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TPLS ultracapacitors

TPLS ultracapacitors

2.7V, 100F to 400F, snap-in ultracapacitor cells.

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TPL ultracapacitors

TPL ultracapacitors

2.7V, 0,5F to 100F, radial lead ultracapacitor cells.

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PC ultracapacitors

PC ultracapacitors

2.5V, 4F to 10F, prismatic-package, low profile, hermetically sealed ultracapacitor cells.

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