Standard Ultracapacitor Cells

Maxwell’s Standard Ultracapacitor cells spans a spectrum of form factors, and a strong cell design engineering experience enables us to produce cells with very low equivalent series resistance (ESR). This translates into increased power density and small system footprint to meet the specific requirements of your solution. The Standard Ultracapacitor cells are specialized for systems operating in normal ambient environments and provides system designers with the advantages of significantly more reliable performance under a wider temperature range than most other energy storage options available. Standard Ultracapacitor cells are customizable for a variety of applications that need fast charge/discharge capability and long life.

Standard Ultracapacitor cell features

  • Low ESR
  • Up to 1,000,000 duty cycles or 10-year DC life*
  • –40°C to 65°C operating temperature; 85°C with voltage derating*
  • Compliant with UL, RoHS and REACH

*Results may vary. Additional terms and conditions, including the limited warranty, apply at the time of purchase. See the warranty details and datasheet for applicable operating and use requirements.

Customer Benefits

  • Increased power and energy density to meet customer’s application requirements
  • Proven reliability in the field
  • Flexibility for system operation in diverse environments
  • Proactive compliance with current regulatory standards, resulting in cost reduction and improved time-to-market


  • UPS and industrial power
  • Backup systems
  • Consumer and industrial electronics
  • Robotics
  • Emergency lighting
  • Telematics
  • Solid state drives (SSD)
  • Security equipment
  • Smoke detectors
  • Handheld devices
  • Backup power for cache-to-flash applications
  • Wireless transmitters
Rated Voltage Rated Capacitance Typical DC ESR TerminalModel NumberDatasheet
2.7 VDC1 F700 mΩ Wire LeadBCAP0001 P270 T01Download
2.7 VDC3 F55 mΩ Wire Lead/Bent LeadBCAP0003 P270 S01/S12Download
2.7 VDC5 F36 mΩ Wire LeadBCAP0005 P270 S01Download
2.7 VDC10 F25 mΩ Wire Lead/Bent LeadBCAP0010 P270 S01/S12Download
2.7 VDC22 F45 mΩ Wire LeadBCAP0022 P270 T01Download
2.7 VDC25 F16 mΩ Wire Lead/Bent LeadBCAP0025 P270 S01/S12Download
2.7 VDC50 F10 mΩ Wire LeadBCAP0050 P270 S01Download
2.7 VDC100 F15 mΩ Wire LeadBCAP0100 P270 T01Download
2.7 VDC100 F8 mΩ Snap InBCAP0100 P270 S07Download
2.7 VDC150 F14 mΩ Snap InBCAP0150 P270 T07Download
2.7 VDC310 F2.2 mΩ RadialBCAP0310 P270 T10Download
2.7 VDC325 F1.6 mΩ Snap InBCAP0325 P270 S17Download
2.7 VDC350 F3.2 mΩ Radial / Radial Long TerminalBCAP0350 E270 T11/T13Download
2.7 VDC360 F2.9 mΩ Snap InBCAP0360 P270 S18Download
2.7 VDC650 F0.8 mΩ Threaded/JoveBCAP0650 P270 K04/05Download
2.7 VDC1200 F0.58 mΩ Threaded/JoveBCAP1200 P270 K04/05Download
2.7 VDC1500 F0.47 mΩ Threaded/JoveBCAP1500 P270 K04/05Download
2.7 VDC2000 F0.35 mΩ Threaded/JoveBCAP2000 P270 K04/05Download