ZnO Series 14 M

HVR zinc oxide varistors are designed for specific applications.

HVR zinc oxide varistors are designed for specific applications and should not be used for purposes not identified in our datasheets and application notes unless otherwise agreed with HVR during the design phase. For applications in line-to-ground circuits based on various international and local standards there are restrictions existing or additional safety measures required.


  • High performance
    • Wide operating voltage range 25 … 600 Vrms
    • High surge current ratings up to 4500 A
    • No derating up to 85 ° C
    • Excellent protection Level
  • Highest flexibility
    • Wire dimensions and electrical values can be modified to customer requirements
    • Can be also delivered as taped solution for full automative assembling
    • Leads can be crimped for best soldering
  • Design service
    • Design service including technical drawing to international standards


  • Over-voltage in the mains, caused by lightning, inductive or capacitive coupling
  • Consumption in switch contacts with inductive load
  • Limit over-voltages in transformers, motor, generator winding and magnet coils
  • Protecting machines in B to B and B to C applications

Standard range