90V Module

Maxwell’s 90-volt module has a 10 farad capacitance and low equivalent series resistance (ESR) for high power delivery.

Our customers capitalize on this solution’s long lifetime and durability. The 90-volt module contributes to minimal maintenance requirements after system deployment, adding significant value to system performance over time.

The solution features an integrated Ultracapacitor management unit (UMU) for streamlined integration and monitoring.

The UMU provides:

  • Individual cell balancing
  • Voltage and temperature monitoring
  • Reverse polarity detection
  • Digitalized signals that are communicable to the user’s interface

The module is designed for indoor cabinet environments with an operating temperature range of –40°C to 65°C,* providing much more flexible performance compared to battery energy storage options.


  • Wind turbine pitch control system
  • Industrial UPS and DVR

We offer Maxwell’s 75-volt and 240-volt modules in addition to the 90-volt version for these applications.