160V Ultracapacitor Module

Maxwell Technologies 160V module is designed to provide energy storage and power delivery for wind turbine pitch control, short-term uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and renewable energy systems.

Primarily designed for pitch control systems for 1.5 to 3MW wind turbines, the 160V module provides a turnkey solution to simplify the installation process and reduce costs for all integration partners.

Ultracapacitors / supercapacitor have been designed into an ever-expanding share of the electric pitch system portion of the market due to their longer operating lifetime, low maintenance requirements and superior cold weather performance when compared to batteries. The 160V module is a cost-effective and easy-to-install energy storage and power delivery solution for wind turbine pitch control systems.

Chargers available in combination with ultracapacitor modules.


  • BMOD0006 E160 B02 160V, 5.8F


  • Wind turbine pitch control
  • Small UPS systems
  • Small industrial systems


  • Up to 10-year DC life
  • 160V DC working voltage
  • Resistive cell balancing
  • Compact and lightweight package
  • Screw terminals