About us

Who we are

AEP International is the global supplier of electronic components, systems and tooling. For over 35 years we support maritime, medical, railway, aerospace and many other industries.

With a high level of commitment and market knowledge, we provide companies with quality products.

Quick response time

We are well aware that companies cannot afford downtime. Therefore flexibility is a paramount. And we always keep components in stock for critical applications. These can be dispatched within 24 hours.

We represent strong brands such as Teledyne e2v, Maxwell technologies ultracapacitors, LeClanché capacitors, HVR International resistors, Astro Tooling and many more…

In the past 35 years AEP International has grown into a company with worldwide-located offices in the Netherlands, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Korea, China and Japan.

We distribute our products through the following six product lines: AEP Marine Parts, AEP Linac, AEP Hybrid Power, AEP Components, AEP Thermal Imaging and AEP Tools.