100% form fit and function equivalents to Epcos MKV capacitors06 Nov 2015

Epcos has announced a last time buy for their series of MKV capacitors. These older generation capacitors are still impregnated with oil, which is considered to be a ”dirty” technology today.
These are typically Epcos numbers starting with B258XX.

Leclanché in most cases, can offer 100% form fit and function equivalents to the MKV series, with all of the advantages of film technology.

  1. No hazardhous materials
  2. No liquids impregnants at all
  3. Self-healing film
  4. Mounting in any position
  5. Very long lifetimes with a ”soft” landing at the end-of-life

Please find below, some examples of the capacitors we can offer.

PAM 90-047 cv4 (K)
VAC: 900 V
Cap. 0.47 µF

PAM 138-022 cv4 (K)
VAC: 2000 V
Cap. 0.22 µF

PAM 140-010 cv4 (K)
VAC: 1400 V
Cap. 0.1 µF

PAM 140-1.0 cv4 (K)
VAC: 2000 V
Cap. 1 µF

PAM 150-1.0 cv4 K
VAC: 2100 V
Cap. 1 µF

PAM 180-010 cv4 (K)
Vrms: 1850V
Cap. 0.1 µF

PAM 340-010 cv4 (K)
VAC: 3400 V
Cap. 0.1 µF

PPM 250-15.0 cv5 (J)
Vrms: 1800 V
Cap. 15 µF

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