SCR Series 400 S

Same as all other HVR Silicon Carbide varistor with leads the Series 400 S can be delivered with or without insulation coating.

Without coating the advantage for you is you can dispatch more power and energy in the varistor. Apart from the standard range we can also offer dimensions and values to customer requirements.

Key Features

  • High performance
    • Extended temperature range up to 165°C
    • Higher energy rating than comparable SiC ceramics
    • Higher continuous power rating
  • Highest flexibility
    • Dimensions and electrical values can be modified to customer requirements
  • Design service
    • Design service including technical drawing to international standards.


  • General over-voltage protection caused by inductive or capacitive load
  • Protection in switch contacts with inductive and capacitive loads
  • Limiting over-voltage in motor and magnet coil application

Standard range