The Jennings RP151B three-phase vacuum contactor is a compact, normally open, three-phase device for use in equipment that requires a high speed interrupt. It is useful as an overload interrupter to 2000 Arms interrupting capacity. Special erosion-resistant contacts provide an operational load life of 250,000 maintenance-free operations at the rated 200 A current.

Features RP151B

  • Erosion-resistant contacts provide a minimum of 250,000 operations for long, maintenance-free life
  • 2000 Arms interrupting capacity – ideal for use in an overload interrupter
  • Three-phase, normally open operation provides high-speed interrupt

Specifications RP151B

50/60/400 Hz (V)600
Continuous (amps RMS)200
Maximum interrupting current (A)2000
Minimum load life250,000 operations
InterruptLess than 2 cycles
Auxiliary contacts configurationDPDT, 115/230 VAC, 8A

RP151B three-phase vacuum contactors

Cat. No.Mounting optionVoltagePull-in current (A)Hold current (A)
RP151B4541X44R20454126.5 VDC4.00.40
RP151B4541X46R204541100 VDC1.50.05
RP151B4541X47R204541115 VAC1.50.05
RP151B4541X4XR20454150 VDC2.10.17


Illustration 1 - RP151B    Illustration 2 - RP151B

Unit shown in de-energized position

Illustration 3 - RP151B   Illustration 4 - RP151B