The Jennings RP133 vacuum contactor may be small – only 11.8″H x 10.5″W x 5.5″D – and weigh less than 30 pounds, but it can take on requirements of the most demanding equipment. Using a trio of Jennings vacuum interrupters, the three-phase unit provides a short contact-to-contact gap required to interrupt the circuit for highly reliable operation. The contact materials are rated for 1.5 kV, 450 A load life and 4500 A fault current. Designed to withstand the frequent switching required to control furnaces and large air conditioning motors, the RP133 is commonly used to protect power transformers and DC power supplies. Use it to switch capacitor banks for voltage regulation and power factor correction as a means of reducing operating costs. Reliable and durable, the RP133 can also be used in motor controllers that operate production and processing equipment, mining and construction equipment,
earth movers or carriers, power shovels, rock crushers and conveyors.

Features RP133

  • Sealed main contacts provide a minimum of 1 million maintenance-free open and close operations
  • Reliable operation in harsh temperature extremes ranging from -20 °C to 70 °C
  • Versatility for use with heavy-duty motors, power equipment and motor controllers

Specifications RP133

Voltage ratings
Maximum three-phase line (V and kV)600 and 1.5
Dielectrics 50/60/400 Hz, 60-second withstand
- Line-to-ground (kV RMS)6.5
- Line-to-line (kV RMS)6.5
- Across open contacts (kV RMS)6.5
BIL, 1.2x50 µsec impulse
- Line-to-ground peak (kV)20
- Line-to-line peak (kV)20
- Across open contacts (kV)20
Current rating
Continuous (amps RMS)450
Load-switching (amps RMS)450
- Capacitors750 kVAR at 1.5 kV
- Motors750 HP at 1.1 kV
Making current (random make)
- 100 times at 1.5 kV with 3-second back-up (kA RMS)4.5
- 10 times at 1.5 kV with current-limiting fuse (kA)28 peak
- 100 times at 1.5 kV with 3-second back-up (kA RMS)6
Minimum load life at 450 A RMS1 million open/close operations
Interrupt (amps RMS at 1.5 kV)4500
Control voltage115 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 110 VDC
Control current7.1 pull-in A, 0.9 hold-in A
Auxiliary contacts configuration2 N/C, 3 N/O, SPST, double break, 10 A resistive at 600 VAC
Weight (lb.)30 max.
Release time (msec.) from control switch off to separation of main contacts16 max.
MountingOperates in any position

RP133 three-phase vacuum contactors

Cat. No.Mounting optionActuator voltsLine-to-line voltage (RMS)
RP133-2332-002332115 VAC / 110 VDC1500
RP133-2332-012332115 VAC / 110 VDC3300
RP133-2334-002334100 VDC1500
RP133-2335-002335115 VAC / 110 VDC1500


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