Stud mounted resistors


The units are assembled using a high tensile steel bolt and retaining nut, with steatite porcelain insulating bushes at either end to assist with registration. The compressive mounting force is achieved using Schnorr Disc Springs (2 at either end). Standard Brass Terminals are provided for electrical connection.

The units can be readily mounted to a panel or enclosure using the bolt extension provided.

All components used in the Stud Mounted range are entirely inorganic. The Resistor Assemblies are therefore approved to UL94 V-0 Standards with respect to Fire and Smoke Regulations.

Stud Mounted Resistors

Product types

TypeSingle Disc typeActive materialMax. impulse energyMax. average powerMax. operating temp.Request an offer
SM 50-30AB 845 (1x)50 cc≥12.5 kJ (single pulse)≥15 W150 °CRequest an offer
SM 50-50AB 853 (1x)83 cc≥20.75 kJ (single pulse)≥25 W150 °CRequest an offer
SM 50-100AB 853 (2x)166 cc≥41.5 kJ (single pulse)≥50 W150 °CRequest an offer

SM50-30 SM50-50 SM50-100