280kW Loadbank

The resistor array has been designed to operate with two simultaneous duty cycles.

a) 50 A DC for 1 hour (continuous) followed by 3 hours cooling
b) 200 x 170 kV impulses (1.2 / 50µs) occuring during the 1 hour ”Duty A” operation while providing an resistance value of 50R0 ± 5%.

The resistor array utilises 630 off HVR Pentagon’s PE450 wire-wound resistor tubes utilising non-inductive windings. They are arranged electrically in 42 series / 15 parallel arrangement in order to achieve both the required high continuous power rating of125 kW and the high voltage withstand of 170kV.

Features and benefits

  • 280kW loadbank
  • Resistance value at 50R0 ± 5%
  • Peak voltage of 2.5kV
  • 200 x 170kV impulse during 1 hour
  • Air cooling
  • IP23 housing