Plug pill resistors

HVR’s range of Plug Pill Resistors are designed for use in spark plugs as suppressors. Plug Pills are manufactured from a carefully selected mixture of clays, alumina and carbon. After blending, the material is pressed to the required shape and then fired, in a controlled atmosphere, at high temperature.

This sintering process produces a Ceramic Carbon Resistor which is 100% active material and therefore of minimum size.


Dimensions Plug Pill Resistors

Explanation of Dimension Code

Each Resistor Type is assigned a 4 digit code, the first 2 digits give the nominal Active Diameter (D) in mm and the last 2 digits give the nominal Active Length (L) of the Resistor in mm. From this information the Volume of Active Material (v) may be determined.

Standard Types

The following standard body sizes are available:

TypeNominal Dia (D) mmNominal Length (L) mm
LC - 03113.0011.00
LC - 06106.0010.00
LC - 06156.0015.00

Resistance Values

Resistance Values are specified using the first two significant digits, followed by the number of zeros and Resistor Tolerance Code (where K = ± 10%, L = ± 20%).

e.g. LC – 0311 – 101L is Type LC – 0311,  100R0 ± 20%.


The flat ends of the Plug Pill body can be metallised with Aluminium, Brass or Copper.