High voltage resistors

HVR’s range of High Voltage Resistors for Compact Circuitry are manufactured from a carefully selected mixture of clays, alumina and carbon. After blending, the material is pressed to the required shape and then fired, in a controlled atmosphere, at high temperature. This sintering process produces a Ceramic Carbon resistor which is 100% active material and therefore of minimum size. The H.V. Resistors  for Compact Circuitry range feature radial lead terminations and a high quality epoxy resin coating to improve both dielectric withstand and mechanical robustness. Inherently non-inductive and capable of withstanding transient high voltage impulses, this range is ideally suited to charging, discharge, snubber, voltage divider and overvoltage protection applications. These typical applications feature within high voltage power supplies, lasers, radar, medical and military equipment.

Res. TypeDim. CodeOverall Dimensions
Do Max
Overall Dimensions
Lo Max
Overall Dimensions
Lp Pitch
Vol. (V)
Max. J.
@25°C (J)
Max. W
@25°C (W)
( t )
Resistance Range
MIN (Ohms)
Resistance Range
MAX (Ohms)
For H.V. Compact Series with Average Rating 1.0 W - 2.5 W
AB91211041394.5 - 6.00.41001.001002.02.41R28K2Download
AB903110713127.5 - 9.00.71751.251402.51.42R215K0Download
AB0171111131611.5 - 13.01.02501.501653.50.93R322K0Download
AB8921114131914.5 - 16.01.33251.751854.00.74R727K0Download
AJ1491117132217.5 - 19.01.64002.002005.00.65R633K0Download
AB9861414161914.5 - 16.02.25502.252456.51.12R718K0Download
AB9931417162217.5 - 19.02.66502.502607.00.93R322K0Download
For H.V. Compact Series with Average Power Rating 2.6 W - 4.5 W
AB0581911211611.5 - 13.03.17752.752809.02.61R28K2Download
AB8401915212015.5 - 17.04.310753.2533011.51.91R510K0Download
AB8931917212217.5 - 19.04.812003.5034513.01.71R812K0Download
AB6201920212520.5 - 22.05.714254.0035515.01.42R215K0Download
AB6631927213227.5 - 29.07.719254.7540520.01.12R718K0Download
AB8802410261510.5 - 12.04.511253.7530012.54.50R684K7Download
AB8852415262015.5 - 17.06.817004.5038017.53.01R06K8Download
For H.V. Compact Series with Average Power Rating 4.6 W - 13.8 W
AB8812420262520.5 - 22.09.022505.2543022.52.31R58K2Download
AB6622425263025.5 - 27.011.328256.0047028.01.81R812K0Download
AB2412435264035.5 - 37.015.839507.7551038.01.32R215K0Download
AB6642450265550.5 - 52.022.6565010.0056554.00.93R322K0Download
AB2523115332015.5 - 17.011.328256.5043528.05.00R563K9Download
AB8573127333227.5 - 29.020.451009.0056548.52.81R06K8Download
AB1853135334035.5 - 37.026.4660010.5063062.52.21R510K0Download
AB1863150335550.5 - 52.037.7942513.7568588.01.52R215K0.Download