Fusible resistors

The V Series Fusible Resistors offer high Inrush Energy with higher Average Power rating for repetitive operation.

They incorporate a thermal cutoff device to ensure safe disconnect under circuit fault conditions.

The high temperature, flame retardant DAP case with cement fill is designed to provide a graceful failure and opening of the thermal cutoff upon electrical fault. The thermal cutoff can interrupt 10 A at 250 V a.c.

Two configurations are offered, a two lead device with integrated series fuse and a four lead device with 5 kV isolation between the fuse and the independent resistor.

V Series dimentions


  1. All Dimensions are in mm                                                                 4. Case is Diallyl Phthalate
  2. All Dimensions +/- 0.5mm unless otherwise stated                      5. Composition is Carbon Bulk Ceramic
  3. Cement fill                                                                                         6. Fuse is long lead in package
Part NumberA
Range (Ohms)
V0400AXXXX20202617.54004.5100 - 4.7k
V1400AXXXX26262622.514007.547 - 2.2k
V2800AXXXX32323927.528001222 - 1.5k


  1. Energy: Single Impulse
  2. Power: Rated @ 20 ˚C. Derate linearly to 0W @ 130 ˚C