TC Sensor Elements

TC-1326 MEMS thermal conductivity sensor is a low power, extremely robust device especially suited to detect hydrogen as hydrogen possesses the highest thermal conductivity of all known gases. It is therefore possible to detect low concentrations of hydrogen in air by the increase of thermal conductivity of hydrogen-air mixture.

Whilst being optimised for its hydrogen and methane response (0 to 100% volume in air), TC-1326 will also detect other gases and vapours as long as thermal conductivity difference compared to reference (air) is sufficient.

Features of the TC-1326 MEMS

  • Low power – designed for battery operation
  • Small size (dual package of 5x5x2 mm)
  • High resistance to mechanical shocks
  • Low orientation effect


Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet
TC-1326-A/TC-1326-ASMEMS Thermal Conductivity Sensor ElementsDownload