MEMS Pellistor

The MPEL is an industrial-suited MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) pellistor which has been developed for a new generation of low-power and rugged sensors for the detection of combustible gases, in particular methane. Innovative process technologies combined with optimized sensing and filter materials are engineered to achieve exceptional performance compared to existing products.

These sensors can provide a significant power reduction, in continuous operation and compared with existing pellistor gas sensors it can be up to 50 percent.

The micron silicon heater design delivers improved resistance to shock, with millimetre diced components this unique structure allows reductions in the sensor size and a large flexibility within the certified package design.

Differentiating features

• Low power (continuous operation typically 110mW)
• Exceptional poison resistant to HMDS and H2S
• Miniature package MP-7217 – (14.4 x 6.7 mm)
• Compatible packaging available for the existing market sensors  e.g. 4 series
• Extreme resistance to mechanical shock.
• Enabling stability performance, for very low power applications pulsed mode operation (10-20mW)
• Low orientation effect.
• ATEX, IECEx certified for ia


Part Number DescriptionDatasheet
MP7217Miniature MEMS Pellistor for flammable gas sensingDownload
MP7217-TCCombined flammable and volume percent methane sensorDownload
MP7227-DAMiniature series 2 MEMS Pellistor for Flammable Gas Sensing(EX-DA)Download
VQ548MP4 Series MEMS Pellistor for flammable gas sensingDownload
VQ548MP2-DA4 Series series 2 MEMS Pellistor for Flammable Gas Sensing(EX-da)Download