Integrated infra-red sensors

The Integrated IR (INIR) sensor has been designed with the latest technology, using a microcontroller with an ARM7 core and via software design the necessary techniques have been implemented to increase the reliability of the device therefore minimize the probability of faults.

The INIR is a user-friendly digital Gas Sensor, which is designed to use the latest SGX Sensortech’s Infrared technology.

The sensor is designed to decrease the implementation time therefore increase productivity. The Integrated IR sensor incorporates the necessary electronics and embedded software to operate from a low voltage DC power supply. The sensor will process the raw signals to output a linear, temperature compensated signal proportional to the gas concentration applied. The output signal is available in digital and analogue forms.

The SGX Sensortech Integrated IR Gas Sensor provides users with a simple method of incorporating an Infrared Sensor into their gas detection instrument which will significantly reduce the development time and expertise required during the design and implementation phase. The Integrated IR can also be factory calibrated to allow installation without the need for recalibration.

Integrated IR FEATURES:

  • Triple Range with linear approximation in each case
  • Gas Sensor with Automatic Switchover between ranges,
  • High Resolution up to 10ppm,
  • Detectivity Level at 100ppm,
  • Analog Output of gas concentration,
  • Serial port communication,
  • Internal Temperature sensor
  • Active & Reference Signals Monitored
  • Full Faults Diagnostics & Error Generation
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
  • Four Different Modes of Operation
  • Typical Low power consumption < 32mA (Average)
  • Factory calibrated for Methane, Propane or Carbon Dioxide
  • Evaluation Kit available including PC software for easy testing and production calibration functions
  • Easy implementation into Sensors Network
  • Design for use in Hazardous Areas
  • Certified Sensor for use in Explosive Atmospheres (EX)


Part NumberDescriptionDatasheet
INIR-ME100%IR gas sensors with integrated electronicsDownload
INIR-CD5.0%Carbon dioxide sensor with integrated electronicsDownload
INIR-PR2.1%IR gas sensor with integrated electronicsDownload
INIR-BU1.8%Butane IR gas sensor with integrated electronicsDownload
INIR-RF-R32Integrated Infrared gas sensor for R32Download
INIR-RF-R290Integrated infrared gas sensor for R290Download
INIR-RF-R600Integrated infrared gas sensor for R600Download
INIR-3K4Evaluation kit for INIR gas sensorsDownload