Conductive polymer capacitors

Conductive polymer capacitors are capacitors which use conductive polymer as electrolyte. A solid-state capacitor contains a positive and negative electrode, a dielectric medium and a solid electrolyte. The solid electrolyte contains an electro conductive polymer as an essential constituent. By using the solid electrolyte, electrolyte drying is avoided.

These capacitors are effective for flowing high ripple current and removing noise at high frequencies. In event of failure, the conductive polymer is insulated, providing a safe structure. Polymer capacitors have a number of superior qualities in comparison with ordinary electrolyte capacitors:

  • Longer lifetime
  • Higher maximum working temperature
  • Higher stability
  • Lower ESR
  • Safer failure mode

Tecate Goup conductive polymer capacitors

Tecate Group conductive polymer capacitors have unique characteristics by using electro-conductive polymer as the electrode material. We can offer these capacitors in surface-mount, radial-lead configurations and low to extremely low ESR.

Key benefits

  • Load life of minimum 1500 hours
  • High working temperature; up to 125 °C
  • Low ESR and extremely low ESR at high frequency types available
  • Low profile types available
  • RoHS complaint types available
  • High ripple current capability
  • Solvent resistant types available
  • Wide voltage range: 2.5V up to 100V
  • Wide capacitance range: 1.7 µF up to 3500 µF

Product range

SeriesCap. Range 
Voltage Range
Temp. Range
Surface Mount
MXCPA10 to 1000µF6.3 to 16-55 to +105Conductive Polymer 105C Super Low EsrDownload
MXCPB22 to 56µF6.3 to 16-55 to +125Conductive Polymer 125C Long LifeDownload
MXCPH1.7 to 330µF25 to 100-55 to +105Conductive Polymer 105Download
MXCPP3.9 to 330µF25 to 100-55 to +125Conductive Polymer 125Download
MXCPT10 to 330µF25 to 63-55 to +135Conductive Polymer 135C High Temp & VoltageDownload
CPL68 to 3500µF2.5 to 16-55 to +105Conductive Polymer Low EsrDownload
CPS33 to 3500µF2.5 to 25-55 to +105Conductive Polymer StandardDownload
CPU470 to 3500µF2.5 to 10-55 to +105Conductive Polymer Ultra Low EsrDownload
CPX10 to 680µF2.5 to 25-55 to +105Conductive Polymer Low ProfileDownload