Ceramic capacitors

Ceramic capacitors uses ceramic material as dielectric. Ceramic is used for its ability to permit electrostatic attraction and repulsion to take place across it. It makes an excellent dielectric because it is a poor conductor of electricity and makes an effective supporter of electrostatic fields.

The capacitors are manufactured using a tape-casting process wherein thin layers of conductive electrodes are separated by the dielectric layer. A kind of multilayer is formed to create a capacitor with a very large surface area in a very compact size.

Tecate Group ceramic capacitors

The Tecate Group uses a number of ceramic materials and compositions in their capacitors, including ceramic COG (NPO), ceramic X5R and ceramic Y5V.

COG is a dielectric with stable electrical properties across voltage, frequency and time. COG dielectric capacitors are suitable for circuits that require low loss in timing and tuning applications and offers the best capacitance precision.

The combination of nickel electrodes and the ability to cast very thin layers using X5R as dielectric material allowed the capacitance range of the capacitors to exceed more than 100 µF in a 1812 package.

The Y5V dielectric is a class III dielectric that exhibits a maximum capacitance change of +22%, -82% over an operating temperature range of +30 °C up to + 85 °C.

Tecate Group ceramic capacitors are available from very small sizes up to large configurations that have multiple agency certifications and can be used in safety-sensitive applications. We offer the following capacitor types: Radial capacitors, axial capacitors, surface mount capacitors and disc capacitors.


  • Extended product lineup
  • Small and large sizes available
  • Capacitance range: 0,047 µF up to 2700 µF
  • Voltage range: 4V up to 6000V
  • IEC384-14, EN132400, IEC60950 and UL60950 certifications possible
  • Flex terminations and Arc protection available
  • X and Y safety capacitors in ceramic SMD styles

Product range

SeriesCap. Range 
Voltage Range
Temp. Range
Surface Mount
CMC0.1pF to 100µF4 to 200C0G, X7R, X5R, Y5V,Multilayer ChipDownload
CMC(HV)0.5pF to 1µF250 to 5000C0G, X7RHigh Voltage Multilayer ChipDownload
CMCF2pF to 0.68µF250 to 6000C0G, X7RFlexible TerminationDownload
CMCS0.2pF to 1000pF50 to 200C0GRf/MicrowaveDownload
CMS10pF to 2700pF500 to 2000-55 to +125Low loss snubber ceramic multilayer chip capacitors.Download
CMT0.01µF to 1µF200 to 500X7RHigh Voltage Multilayer For Tip & RingDownload
CMX2pF to 4700pF3K to 6K(DC)/250(AC)C0G, X7RX2/ Y3 & X1/Y2 Safety CertifiedDownload
CSM0.047µF to 27.2µF25 to 500-55 to +125Stacked Mutilayer ChipDownload
CMR0.1pF to 4.7µF50 to 200C0G, X7R, Z5UMultilayer RadialDownload
CD100pF to 0.1µF50 to 1000Y5F, Y5P, Z5U, Z5VClass2Download
CMA10pF to 1µF50 to 200C0G, X7R, Z5UMultilayer AxialDownload