Aluminium capacitors

Aluminium electrolyte capacitors are available in one or two termination styles; leaded and chip. Leaded capacitors connects via leads to circuits. Chip capacitors, also named ‘’surface mount’’. These capacitors do not have leads. These parts come on tape and reel and can be mounted and soldered on PCBA at very high speeds. Surface mount capacitors are commonly used in applications where space is critical and maximum throughputs are priorities.

Tecate Group aluminium electrolyte capacitors

AEP offers Tecate capacitors that address the various electrical, mechanical and environmental design challenges created by today’s sophisticated electronic equipment.

Tecate group axial and radial-leaded aluminium electrolytic capacitors range from 0.47 µF up to 15000 µF at voltages from 6.3 VDC up to 450 VDC. The standard temperature range for this capacitors is -40 °C up to 85 °C, which is good for most industrial applications.

We offer the following Tecate Group types of leads:

  • Axial leads
  • Radial leads
  • Snap-in leads

The line of chip aluminium electrolytic capacitors covers capacitances from 0.1 µF up to 6800 µF and voltages from 4.0 VDC up to 450 VDC.

Product range

SeriesCap. Range 
Voltage Range
Temp. Range
Description Datasheet
Surface Mount
MXEL10 to 1000µF6.3 to 50-25 to +105Low Esr Very Long LifeDownload
MXLP0.47 to 220µF4 to 50-40 to +854.5mm L Low ProfileDownload
MXLX1.0 to 4700µF6.3 to 100-40 to +125Long Life, High Temperature 125CDownload
MXM0.1 to 6800µF4 to 100-40 to +85General PurposeDownload
MXML0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 50-40 to +85Low LeakageDownload
MXMS4.7 to 150µF6.3 to 50-40 to +855.5mm L, Long LifeDownload
MXNW0.1 to 47µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105Non-Polar, 105C 5.4mm HeightDownload
MXW0.1 to 6800 µF6.3 to 100-55 to +105Wide TemperatureDownload
MXWH0.1 to 220µF6.3 to 400-40 to +105Extra Long Life 105CDownload
MXWRU4.7 to 6800µF6.3 to 50-55 to +105Long Life, Low ImpedanceDownload
MXWX0.47 to 330µF10 to 100-40 to +105Extra Long Life, Wide Temperature RangeDowload
MXZH10 to 330µF6.3 to 50-40 to +105Long Life, Low ImpedanceDownload
MXZM0.47 to 100µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105Low Impedance, High Frequency, 5.4mm HeightDownload
MXZX3.3 to 6800µF6.3 to 100-55 to +105Lowest EsrDownload
MXZZ4.7 to 6800µF6.3 to 50-55 to +105Very Low ImpedanceDownload
LC120 to 68000µF16 to 250-40 to +85Long LifeDownload
LCE68 to 68000µF10 to 250-40 to +105Long Life Extended TemperatureDownload
LG82 to 47000µF10 to 450-40 to +85General Purpose
LGE220 to 47000µF10 to 400-40 to +105Extended Temperature
Radial Sub-Miniature
712E0.1 to 220µF4 to 50-40 to +1055mm Height Wide TemperatureDownload
712L0.1 to 100µF4 to 50-40 to +855mm Height Low LeakageDownload
7240.1 to 100µF6.3 to 50-40 to +857mm H Low LeakageDownload
724L0.1 to 220µF6.3 to 63-40 to +1057mm Height Long Life 105CDownload
724S0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 63-40 to +857mm H General PurposeDownload
724SE0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 63-40 to +1057mm H Extended TemperatureDownload
724SL0.1 to 470µF4 to 63-40 to +857mm Height Long Life 85CDownload
724X1 to 330µF6.3 to 50-55 to +1057mm Height Low Impedance Long LifeDownload
724Z6.8 to 330µF6.3 to 35-55 to +1057mm Height Low Impedance 105CDownload
RN50.1 to 47µF6.3 to 50-40 to +855mm H Bi-PolarDownload
Radial Standard
7110.1 to 15000µF6.3 to 450-40 to +85General PurposeDownload
725H0.47 to 1000µF10 to 350-40 to +125High Temperature 125CDownload
725L6.8 to 3300µF10 to 450-40 to +105Very Long Life Wide TemperatureDownload
725W0.1 to 15000µF6.3 to 450-55 to +105Wide TemperatureDownload
725X10 to 4700µF10 to 50-40 to +130Very High Temperature 130CDownload
728B1.0 to 330µF160 to 450-25 to +105Long Life For Ballast Application 105CDownload
728L1.0 to 330µF160 to 450-25 to +105Very Long Life For Ballast Application 105CDownload
73022 to 10000µF6.3 to 50-40 to +85Low ProfileDownload
730W1.5 to 10000µF6.3 to 450-40 to +105Low Profile Wide TemperatureDownload
Radial High Reliability
725R10 to 220µF160 to 450-25 to +105High Reliability Long LifeDownload
TRC0.47 to 4700µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105Low Impedance, High FrequencyDownload
TRE0.47 to 15,000µF6.3 to 450-25 to +105Low impedance, wide temperature range.Download
TRS0.47 to 15000µF6.3 to 63-55 to +105For Switching Power SuppliesDownload
TRZ220 to 3300µF6.3 to 25-40 to +105Ultra Low ImpedanceDownload
RN1.0 to 300µF50 to 100-40 to +85Radial For Speaker Network (1Khz)Download
RN7E0.1 to 100µF6.3 to 50-40 to +1057mm Height Non Polar 105CDownload
RNBE0.1 to 1000µF6.3 to 100-40 to +105Industrial Type (Not Audio, 120Hz) Extended TemperatureDownload
RNH0.1 to 4700µF25 to 50-40 to +85For Horizontal Deflection Vnp Current CorrectionDownload