Worldwide power and energy solutions

Who are we?

AEP Hybrid Power is innovative in energy storage. We supply unique ultracapacitor cells, modules & systems, but are also heavily involved to the design, development and system integration of custom-made solutions. We deliver a complete solution: from software for control & monitoring and power electronics (e.g., converters) to housing, connection & mounting possibilities. We always keep products in stock for critical applications.

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News & Events

Components - 17 Apr

Power Electronics Event 2018

On the 14th of June 2018, AEP international will participate at the Power Electronics Event. This event takes place at the 1931 Congrescentrum, Den Bosch, the Netherlands. The goal of this seminar is the diversity of applications, innovations and to demonstrate knowledge in the field of Power..

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Hybrid Power - 13 Apr

Project ECT was a big success!

Europe Container Terminals (ECT) project Europe Container Terminals (ECT) is one of the leading and most advanced container terminal operator in Europe, with hundreds of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Each AGV has all kinds of software on board, which makes it possible to navigate quickly,..

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