Europe Container Terminals (ECT)
Company: Europe Container Terminals (ECT)
Solution: Powerstart

Europe Container Terminals (ECT) is one of the leading and most advanced container terminal operator in Europe, with hundreds of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). Each AGV has all kinds of software on board, which makes it possible to navigate quickly, autonomously and safely in its environment.

Each AGV has two separate battery systems, one to power applications such as; the PLC and the navigation and one for starting the heavy duty diesel motor. In stand-by mode, the battery, PLC, navigation and electric drive takes a lot of power, especially in the winter. As the capacity of the battery systems is reduced due to lower temperatures, ECT had chosen for a larger battery system to power the applications. As a result, there was no space left for the battery system for starting the heavy duty diesel motor.

With thanks to our Powerstart, ECT is now assured of the same or more starting capacity in a compact package within the requested space. The Powerstart provides peak power, charges quickly and can take up to more than 1 million charge/discharge cycles. For the AGV application the Powerstart can crank up to 25.000 – 30.000 times a year, for several consecutive years. Combining our module with batteries improves battery performance and allows continuous AGV operation for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the hassle of replacing the batteries. The batteries are now only used for powering software and accessories and the Powerstart will deliver the peak of cranking the AGV.

ECT has not only saved costs and Increased uptime, but they also have a peace of mind, that the engine will crank at all times, even in almost dead battery situation. ECT was really impressed with the results and have decided to not only install our Powerstart in their AGVs, but also in their straddle carriers.