Highest floating crane ‘Nijlpaard’
Company: TES Industrial Systems B.V.
Solution: A full Hybrid System

Full Hybrid System Crane “Het Nijlpaard”

In addition to the successful semi-Hybrid systems, TES Industrial Systems B.V. has developed, delivered and installed a full-Hybrid system at OBA Bulk Terminal on their largest floating crane “het Nijlpaard”.
Companies in the industry want and need to emit less CO2. But this should not be at the expense of productivity. Many companies are therefore under great pressure from the government and environmental services to invest in sustainable solutions, while production costs must be reduced.

TES has delivered a full-hybrid solution to the largest floating crane, “Het Nijlpaard” at OBA Bulk Terminal. This solution makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions while improving the performance of the crane.

By installing an energy storage system, a lot of so-called “braking energy” can be stored during the celebrating of a full grab. The stored energy can then be used to support the diesel generator. This solution makes it possible to significantly reduce the diesel generator from 2200kW to 800kW. The remaining part of the power is provided from the capacitors. This can save a lot of energy and therefore fuel and CO2.

A supercapacitor is an energy storage medium in which a lot of energy can be stored in a very short time and can also be extracted. This makes a supercapacitor extremely suitable for highly cyclic applications with rapid energy changes, such as this floating crane.

AEP International has supplied DCDC converters and supercaps to TES Industrial Systems B.V. for several projects. For this project, AEP Hybrid Power supplied capacitor banks consisting of 9 stacks of 6 modules each. In total, this one energy storage system has 2376 supercapacitors. And can store a total of 6.2 kWh of energy. The system is explained at a maximum power of 1400kW but the capacitors could deliver more. The system has been calculated to last at least 10 years.