AEP Linac Products

Klarity Shell Cushions

Klarity Shell Cushions are an ultra-precise method for stereotactic cranial, c-spine and shoulder immobilization, where sub-millimeter margins are required. The Klarity Shell Cushion creates 360˚ custom immobilization with additional shoulder suppression. It stabilizes the head from above, below, and on all sides, and secures to the baseplate for accurate placement and full cranial support.

The Klarity Shell Cushion can be used for head only or head and shoulder immobilization.  The soft AccuCushion material becomes soft and easily moldable when warmed in an oven, waterbath, or blanket warmer.  It is strong and firm once it cools, with the lowest possible attenuation factors.

Additional tools are available for easy-molding, including the Shell Mold, which holds the cushion in place as it cools, and soft velcro straps offer comfortable shoulder suppression. Once the Shell Cushion™ cools, a thermoplastic mask is placed on top, creating a fully encompassing, rigid support system.

Sold Individually.