Klarity EZ Bolus™

Available in sheets and pellet form, Klarity EZ Bolus™ is designed as an aid for skin sparing and treating irregular contours or locations.

After heating to about 150˚F (65˚C), EZ Bolus is simple to manipulate and shape by hand, ideal for eliminating air gaps.  Dosimetric properties are the same as conventional mask thermoplastics. 4/Case.

Solid, 4.0mm.

  •  R-4000 Klarity EZ Bolus™ Sheet 92x61cm
  •  R-4000A Klarity EZ Bolus™ Sheet 61x46cm
  •  R-4000E Klarity EZ Bolus™ Sheet 15x15cm
  •  R-4000F Klarity EZ Bolus™ Sheet 30x30cm
  •  R-4000G Klarity EZ Bolus™ Sheet 20x23cm

Klarity EZ Bolus™ Pellets

  • R-601 Klarity EZ Bolus™ Thermoplastic Pellets 1.1lb jar (500gm)
  • R-603 Klarity EZ Bolus™ Thermoplastic Pellets 3.3lb jar (1500gm)