Bolx™ Bolus

Bolx I and Bolx II are tissue-equivalent flexible build up materials.  Both are designed to increase the surface dose and offer excellent conformity to body contours.

Both Bolx I and II are made of a cured transparent gel. Bolx I is encased in a layer of polyethylene skin.  Bolx II is skinless and intended for single-patient use.

Bolx I Bolus Material (with polyethylene skin)

  • KA31052   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x.5cm
  • KA31102   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x1cm
  • KA31152   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x1.5cm
  • KA31202   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x2cm
  • KA31302   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x3cm
  • KA31033030   Bolx I Sheet 30x30x.3cm
  • KA31034040   Bolx I Sheet 40x40x.3cm

Bolx II Bolus Material (without skin)

  •  KA32052   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x.5cm
  •  KA32102   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x1cm
  •  KA32152   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x1.5cm
  •  KA32202   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x2cm
  •  KA32302   Bolx II Sheet 30x30x3cm