AEP350 - IP20

Bidirectional DC/DC or DC/AC Converter.

Buck Boost Converter is developed for the usage of energy storage systems and renewable energy sources
It can operate as a batteries or supercap charger and to stabilize hydrogen fuel cells voltages.
Extremely fast and dynamic voltage and current control. Converter is well suited for mounting in an electrical cabinet.


  • Maximum operational voltage 850V
  • Maximum rated power 350kW
  • Maximum current 750A
  • Step up and step down mode
  • Bidirectional
  • DC/DC or AC/DC Variants
  • Active front end
  • Binary or analog I/O
  • CAN Bus and Ethernet interface
  • 24Vdc Supply
  • Air-cooling
  • IP20


  • Water-cooling
  • IP 65
  • Profibus/profinet
  • Main contactor + pre-charge
  • Available in 1200V variants
  • DCDC or ACDC