HG 5000 E

The electronically controlled HG 5000 E hot air gun is the professional tool for efficiently heating major areas.

A powerful expert for shaping and heat-shrinking, for installing machines, for drying damp surfaces as well as for stripping paint and removing adhesives. The powerful motor delivers up to 800 l of hot air a minute through a generously sized 50 mm Ø outlet nozzle. Air flow and temperature can be infinitely varied.

Features: brushless, high-performance motor with a long life of approx. 20,000 hours. Heater with a life of approx. 800 hours. Fully electronic temperature and airflow control. Intelligent motor and temperature control. Temperature display showing selected and actual temperature. Easy-to-read LED segment display. Sturdy single-piece enclosure. Barrel shape for optimum stationary use.

Service-friendly: The heater is easy to replace, the power cord can be changed without opening the enclosure.