BHG 360 Li-Ion

With its powerful li-ion rechargeable battery, the cordless version of the practical HG 350 S provides independence from the mains supply and unrestricted movement while performing hot-air work.

The li-ion powerhouse in the BHG 360 Li-Ion delivery a capacity of 2600 mAh at a voltage of 36 V. Power for 15 minutes of unrestricted work. The li-ion rechargeable battery has no memory effect and minimal self-discharge. This means the BHG 360 Li-Ion hot air gun is immediately ready for use even after prolonged idle times. The charging unit provided recharges the battery to 75% after just 30 minutes and fully in 60 minutes. Otherwise, the BHG 360 Li-Ion hot air gun shines with the same qualities and features as the corded version: particularly suitable for soldering, desoldering, terminal soldering and heat shrinking with perfect results. Gets hot air to where it’s needed – easily and precisely. The ergonomically shaped soft grip handle is comfortable to hold. Compact in design, it fits into any tool box or service case without a problem. With integrated LED lamp for bright light and working safety, even in the darkest of use situations. With temperature indicator that signalises whether the outlet nozzle is still too hot to touch. Feature: lightweight, ergonomically optimised hot air gun. Integrated LED light. Integrated ring for hanging the tool. Thermal fuse. ESD safe (suitable for use in electrostatically sensitive areas). Temperature display “Thermo-Signal”. Three-stage switch with OFF/COLD/HOT settings.