Standard AccuCushions™

Klarity AccuCushions™ are a new, higher standard for custom patient care.

AccuCushions™ are used underneath a thermoplastic mask for increased cervical spine immobilization and a more comfortable patient experience.  The low-density thermoplastic-based material becomes soft and moldable when heated, and is firm and rigid when cool, with the lowest possible attenuation factors.  All cushions are 100% non-toxic, with minimal shrinkage and no odor.  AccuCushions™ can be heated in an oven, water bath, or blanket warmer, and can be reheated and reshaped with a heat gun or hair dryer.

  • 100% non-toxic with no pungent odor
  • Can be reheated and reshaped
  • Increased control of C-Spine area
  • Comforting and calming for patients

AccuCushion Sizes

Klarity AccuCushions™ come in the following standard sizes.  Custom sizes are available.  Please contact us directly for inquiries about custom orders.  Cushions are 5/Case.  Extra-Small and Extra-Large cushions are sold individually.

  • R550-S1  •  Extra-Small AccuCushion  •  15x10cm

  • R550-S  •  Small AccuCushion  •  15x20cm

  • R550-M  •  Standard AccuCushion  •  20x25cm 

  • R550-M1  •  Medium AccuCushion  •  25x30cm 

  • R550-L  •  Long AccuCushion  •  20x45cm

  • R550-L2  •  Extra-Long AccuCushion  •  45x60cm