The Monitoring Control Unit (MCU) controls the ESS system.

Monitoring Control Unit (MCU)

For full monitoring support, an additional control device is necessary. The MCU is the AEP Hybrid Power solution for monitoring and control several Open Frame Modules. It is the gateway between the internal (RS485) and the external fieldbus (CAN or RS232/ ProfiBus). The external data interface can also be used as a service interface. Following features are provided by the MCU:

  • collecting all system data (via RS485 interface)
  • measurement of Ultracap current
  • interpretation of system data
  • providing derived system data and status over CAN or RS232/ ProfiBus interface

The MCU request data from all MMUs periodically via RS485 bus and checks that all system parameters are in between the defined ranges. The collected and derived system data is transmitted via CAN (CANopen) or RS232 bus either to the Unigate ProfiBus converter or to an optional service tool.