AEP2000 - IP00

High power density converter.

High power electronic systems are part of a growing market towards a stable and unaffected power grid. Especially regenerative power plants need to be connected safely and efficiently.
The AEP2000  РIP00 was originally designed as IGBT-based grid side converter in applications with active power filtering or as power conversion system for DC energy sources (batteries, super capacitors, PV cells, fuel cells). The system is able to provide sinusoidal output current with a reduced passive filtering effort, a reduced EMI stress and an improved efficiency caused by three level configuration. The system is water-cooled, providing a high power density within an electrical cabinet. The DC Link voltage can be increased to 2.4 kV at maximum. All of the power terminals are connected at the backside of the module. The connection to the surrounding system is ideally done by means of bus bars. The control, feedback and supply pins are placed at the front side of the module. Thus, power and control system is locally separated.