General Solutions

UPS wind turbine pitching application and low voltage ride through (LVRT).

This combination of a charger and an ultracapacitor module is specially designed for wind turbine applications. Two of the applications are emergency pitching, in case of a blackout in the wind turbine and for Low Voltage Ride Trough, to be able to operate through periods of lower grid voltage.

The module is a 160VDC which has all the advantages of an ultracapacitor, among others, maintenance free, very long life time and a high efficiency.

The ultracapacitor module and the charger are also separately available, for example when you want to charge your battery system.


  • Long life cycle and life time
  • CAN-bus interface
  • Current sensing
  • Customized specifications
  • Programmable DC/DC charge
  • Approved for heavy duty truck shock and vibration norms
  • IP40

 Dimensions module:

  • 646 (l) x 155 (w) x 81 (h) mm – 24,4 (l) x 6,1 (w) x 3,2 (h) inch
  • 9,5 kg – 20,9 lbs.

 Dimensions charger:

  • 137 (l) x 270 (w) x 75 (h) mm – 5,4 (l) x 10,6 (w) x 2,9 (h) inch
  • 3,0 kg – 6,6 lbs.