Powerstart 500 B-R

28 VDC, 270 Farad ultracapacitor module.

We often hear about fleet owners experiencing battery ”problems”, even in the summer when it isn’t cold. The high electrical load on modern trucks and especially coaches will drain the battery’s, causing the voltage to drop so low that the critical systems won’t work anymore.

Our unit will crank the engine at all times and can also wake the vehicle (in dead battery situations) by powering the critical systems (such as multiplex, MCU, etc.) from the ultracapacitor module as well.


  • Nominal voltage: 28V
  • Capacity: 270F
  • Wide temperature performance -40 °C to +60 °C
  • High efficiency – up to 99%; improves starting performance
  • Low internal resistance, high peak current up to 2000A
  • Long life cycle: 1.000.000
  • Integrated DC/DC converter
  • Integrated individual cell balancing
  • Compact, rugged and fully enclosed IP65 design
  • Extension battery life, downsizing main battery
  • Built in overvoltage switch
  • Approved for heavy-duty vehicles shock and vibration norms