Paralleling Powerstarts

PS400 paralleled with PS100. Up to 3 Powerstarts.

Crank your diesel engines with our Powerstarts

For some applications with huge diesel engines and/or installed in a very cold climate, one Powerstart is just not enough. Therefore AEP has made the possibility to connect up to 3 Powerstart modules in parallel to increase to power and capacity. Only one full equipped Powerstart 400 is needed, the other(s) are a Powerstart 100. This Powerstart 100 has no internal main- and trickle charge. The chargers inside the Powerstart 400 will take care of the charging and control of these other module(s). The Powerstart 400 can be seen as the master in this master-slave configuration.

In this way AEP achieved a price reduction for applications which need more than one module.