High Power ESS with Active Front-End

This is our High Power Energy Storage System with Active Front-End, designed to meet the demanding needs of various applications with its advanced features and robust performance.


  • Low power AC infeed with peak shaving
  • Powerful boosting up to 300kW
  • Braking energy recuperation
  • Stabilization of DC Grid
  • Stabilizing power grid


  • 100kW AFE (infeed) 400VAC, 480VAC, or 690 VAC
  • 300kW peak DCDC Converter
  • Scalable modular Energy Storage System (> 600Wh)
  • 19-inch based Cell-Packs (5 units in serial)
  • Optional: 60kW Chopper function
  • Cooling method: water or air
  • Single control unit based at Can and Profinet
  • Including EMC filter
  • AC & DC pre-charge, Discharge control, 24V power, switches, and fuses

With its versatile capabilities and reliable performance, our energy storage system is the ideal solution for various high-power applications.