AEP200kW Fuel Cell Converter

Discover AEP 200kW FC Converter: Pioneering Energy Storage & Power Electronics Solutions

At AEP 200kW, we’re at the forefront of innovation in energy storage and power electronics. With a focus on custom-made solutions and seamless integration, we offer comprehensive support for your projects from design to implementation.


Modular Power Conversion System: Versatile and adaptable to meet your unique requirements.
DCDC Converter and DCAC Inverter: Flexible solutions for efficient power conversion.
High Current 550A DC: Empowering high-performance applications with robust power delivery.
Bi-Directional Operation: Converters capable of initiating Fuel Cell startup in both directions.
Single Control Unit: Streamlined control via CAN and Profinet interfaces for efficient management.
Comprehensive Control Functions: Including AC & DC pre-charge, discharge control, 24V power, switches, fuses, and EMC filtering.


Integration with AC Grid: Seamlessly connect Fuel Cells to existing AC grids for efficient power distribution.
Marine Applications: Reliable power management solutions for marine vessels.
Power Grid Stabilization: Contributing to grid stability and reliability.
Enhanced Efficiency: Reduce infeed power and stabilize DC links for optimized performance.
Tested Performance: Rigorously tested in combination with FC wave technologies for proven reliability.
Part of Lloyd’s Certified System: Rest assured, our solutions meet the highest standards of safety and performance, ensuring reliability and peace of mind for your projects.

Experience the future of energy storage and power electronics with AEP 200kW FC Converter. Contact us today to explore how our solutions can elevate your projects to new heights.