36 kW Charge System

Modular solution for any power demand.


  • 36 kW charge power
  • Rated current up to 88A
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Connection standard: IEC62196
  • Charging standard: IEC61851-1/23/24 (mode 4)
  • Main- contactor with precharge
  • DC-switch
  • Safety control integrated
  • CAN interface
  • Voltage-, current- and power control modes


  • Charging electric vehicles
  • Charging automatic guide vehicles
    • Maritime
    • Industrial
    • Combination diesel-electric, fuel cell & batteries
  • Industrial & UPS back-up
    • Peak power supply
    • Short term bridge power

Safety and Availability

  • Completely automated vehicle identification and charging process
  • No additional driver intervention required
  • Safety functions of charging process certified by T√úV Rheinland
  • Monitoring of station data as well as vehicle data by operating panel and remote control access.