Highest floating crane ‘Nijlpaard’

In addition to the successful semi-Hybrid systems, TES Industrial Systems B.V. has developed, delivered and installed a full-hybrid system at OBA Bulkterminal Amsterdam B.V. on their largest floating crane “Het Nijlpaard”.

TES has delivered a full-hybrid solution to the largest floating crane, “Het Nijlpaard” at OBA Bulkterminal Amsterdam B.V. This solution makes it possible to significantly reduce CO2 emissions while improving the performance of the crane.

AEP International B.V. has supplied DCDC converters and supercaps to TES Industrial Systems for several projects. For this project, AEP Hybrid Power supplied capacitor banks consisting of 9 stacks of 6 modules each. In total, this one energy storage system has 2376 supercapacitors.