New Module : C-RAD cPatient™01 Nov 2017

Incidents where a patient is accidentally treated with the wrong treatment plan are recurrently reported. For radiotherapy clinics facing increasing patient loads, every spared minute makes sense, but will also imply an increased risk of human errors. Considering the growing numbers of stereotactic  treatments, where a mismatch might cause lethal consequences, the need for a solution is quite apparent.

As a response and as the Benelux distributor of C-RAD, we proudly present and offer you the new module: cPatient™ for an introduction price.

An identity validation system which dramatically reduces the risk of mismatching, while at the same time enhancing workflow and patient experience.

Unique Solution Featuring:

  • Marker-less and contactless optical detection saves the patient’s dignity and comfort
  • Biometric analysis independent on skin color and hair
  • Fast and easy operation – Validation is done in a few seconds
  • Learning system that will adapt to patient’s long-term physiognomic changes
  • Deep-learning algorithms ensure accurate matching:
    • P (true positive match) = 99,9999%
    • P (false positive match) = 0,0001% = 1 out of 1 million
    • P (false negative match) = 0,5%
  • Seamless integration with C-RAD’s intuitive workflow saves valuable time in treatment room

Patient Participation

Walking patients can easily carry out the validation procedure by themselves. By involving the patients in their own daily treatment, their feeling of safety and trust will be enhanced.

Staff Confidence

With the risk of treating a patient with the wrong treatment plan eliminated, the staff can spend more of their time and efforts on setup procedure and patient communication.

Clinical Efficiency

As cPatient™ is integrated with C-RAD’s intuitive workflow, total treatment setup time will be decreased while at the same time safety and patient experience will be enhanced.

More information about the new C-RAD cPatient™ or about out introduction pricing? Please contact us.

With best regards,

The AEP Linac Team